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I n the market for a vintage 8-track player? How about a quadraphonic surround system? Check out the classic gear below and see if you can find what you're looking for. In not, visit the Equipment Classifieds and see the vintage gear other trackers have for sale. Happy hunting!
"It May Be Old...." "But It Still Rocks!"

If you see something you like, here's how to purchase it;
  2. When you've decided on a product, send an email message detailing which item you're interested in
  3. Include your name and mailing address to reserve the item
  4. A return message will will be sent to confirm that it is still available and telling you what the total cost will be with shipping
  5. Preferred method of payment is Paypal. To pay by Paypal please click on the Paypal logo on the page. If you prefer, payment can be made in the form of check or money order. Canadian residents must pay by money order payable in US funds. Please include your email address and description of item when making payment.
  6. Item will be shipped as soon as payment is received. Paypal will speed this process considerably.
  7. Buyer should notify me by email when shipment arrives

I prefer PayPal, the #1 payment service in online auctions!

Quadraphonic 8 Track

Sanyo DXL5485 2 & 4 Channel Receiver w/ built in Quad 8 Track \\Ebay
Up for auction is an all-in-one quadraphonic receiver w/ built in quad 8 track player.
This unit is the Sanyo DXL5485. It contains a quadraphonic 8 track player that also plays stereo 8 tracks. The system also includes AM/FM stereo radio. Front controls are as follows;

Selector Switch for;

2/4 Channel Disc, 2/4 Channel Tape, 2/4 Channel FM radio, FM Stereo & AM

Master Volume, Left, Right, Front & Rear Balance, Tone.

Rear of unit;

4 RCA jacks for connecting four speakers, AUX input stereo, Tape Out stereo, FM antennae connection.

I have replaced the 8 track belt, but the system still has some problems. If you are electronically inclined they may be easy fixes, but I am selling the item AS IS. When playing a quad 8 track there is not consistent audio levels from all four channels. Front Right is strong, Front Left is extremely faint. Rear L is very strong, Rear R is audible, but not as strong as Rear L. Tracks change between track 1 and 2 in Quad mode, but when playing a stereo 8 track the player will only play tracks 1 and 2. When you select track 3 it skips through 3 and 4 and back to 1. I suspect these problems may be due to dirty contacts. When wiggling the volume and balance controls you can get the audio to cut in and out. I have tried cleaning the slide controls with an electronic cleaner, but it did not solve the problem. Hopefully, this is a simple repair, but I am starting the auction at a low price because of the problems.

System weighs approximately 13 pounds unpacked. It will be shipped via FedEx Ground. If you would like to get an estimate of shipping costs to your area, I am in the 98021 zip code. It will a few pounds heavier when packed. I will also need to purchase an appropriate shipping box and packing material, not to exceed $10 in additional costs.

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8-Track Recorders

JC Penny 8-Track Player/Recorder \\SOLD

Nice component style player/recorder by JC Penny. Excellent cosmetic condition and everything works perfectly. Great addition to your classic system.

SOLD! Trans Audio 8-Track Component Recorder/Player \\SOLD

This is a nice player/recorder by Trans-Audio. It is in great cosmetic and mechanical condition. It is a component style recorder made to plug into your existing stereo system. \\SOLD! plus shipping costs.

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Sears 8 Track/Cassette Receiver Combo \\$30

Here's a great retro item. It's a Sears brand component system with everything you'll need for playing all your classic tunes. . This unit plays back 8 tracks and cassettes. The cassette and 8 track units are also recorders, so you can record from 8 track to cassette, cassette to 8 track, or from the radio to either format. Rear of unit has two RCA jacks for external speakers and a hookup for an antennae for the radio. It is in excellent cosmetic condition. Even the dust cover has only a few scuffs and no cracks whatsoever. I have tested the unit with the following results; 8 track plays back and changes tracks perfectly, cassette plays back perfectly, radio works great. The only problem I've found is with the turntable. The turntable platter will not spin at a consistent speed. It comes on, but moves in jerks. Also, I can't get the tonearm to lower onto the record. It's possible that the problem may be contributed to the need of a new belt for the turntable and adjustments to the tonearm.

The unit is not extremely heavy, but is will require a large box and adequate packing material to assure that it arrives at your location in perfect condition.

Buyer to pay shipping and any additional packing material costs. Insurance is mandatory.

Feel free to contact me with any questions and be sure to check out my other auctions for other great retro items.
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Component-Style 8-track Players

Pioneer Centrex Component Player \\SOLD

Pioneer Centrex 8-track Player. This is a nice component style 8-track player that can be plugged into your vintage or modern day stereo system. Works and looks great. \\SOLD

8-Track Combos



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Portable 8-Track Players

None Available

None Available at this Time

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Speaker Stands

Adjustable Metal Speaker Stands

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4 & 8 Track Car Stereos

Titan / Automatic Radio 8-Track Car Player \\S-O-L-D
Great looking underdash player with mounting bracket. This unit has been played tested and works great. It is missing the wiring plug to hook it up to your car. It is a six pin type plug. You could probably purchase one at an electronic store or hook it up as I did, with individual wires for speakers, hot and ground going into the female input on the player. By the way, Automatic Radio is a brand name. There is no radio in this player. Titan Automatic Radio Car 8-Track \\SOLD - More Coming Soon
Muntz / 4 & 8 Track Car Player \\SOLD
Here's a difficult to find item. An original Muntz brand 4 track car tape player. This unit is switchable to allow you to play conventional 8-tracks also. It is in great cosmetic condition and has been play tested. It works great. It's only problem is that it is missing the knob from the "eject" button. The know is a standard type mount and a suitable replacement could probably be easily found. Muntz 4 & 8 Track Combo Car Player \\S-O-L-D
W hen I have items up for auction you can find them by following the link below.

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