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Keep On Trackin! Quad 8-Track Trade/Want/Dub List
BLACK-My Q 8's
Will Trade Dubs
Q 8's I Need
Q 8's to Trade
My Quad Dubs

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Country Moog/Synthesizer Guitar Artists Samplers

Quadraphonic 8 Soundtrack/Broadway Index

Original SoundtrackFunny Lady VG+GRT 7301 9004 N
Isaac HayesShaft Soundtrack (2 Tape Set)SEQ8 2-5002
Isaac HayesTough GuysNM-EQ8 -7504
John Keating/The London Symphony Orchestra250 Years Of Film Music NMCAQ 32381
(2)Original Motion Picture SoundtrackFiddler On The Roof (2 tape set) VG+UA-DA2321/2322-H
Original Motion Picture SoundtrackLove Story VGC 7091-6002
Original Motion Picture SoundtrackLive & Let Die NM-UA-DA100-H
Ethel Merman/London Festival Orchestra & ChorusAnnie Get Your Gun NM-LON L 77905
Ethel Merman/London Festival Orchestra & ChorusMerman Sings Merman SLON L 77901
Peter NeroSummer Of '42 VGCAQ 31105
*Cinema Orchestra & ChorusMusic From Cabaret & Other Songs NMQST-14
Original Cast RecordingA Little Night Music S/Will TradeQSA 32265
Original Cast RecordingCandide S/Will TradeQSA 32923
Original Cast RecordingA Chorus Line NeedSAQ 33581
Original Broadway Cast RecordingFiddler On The Roof VG+ OQ8-1005
Original Soundtrack RecordingFunny Girl VG+SAQ 30992
Original Broadway Cast RecordingHair NM OQ8-1038
The Quadra StringsHollywood Gold Vol. 1 VG+Q 8601-1
The Quadra StringsHollywood Gold Vol. 1 OVT L 71601S
The Quadra StringsHollywood Gold Vol. 3 SOVT L 71603
Rome PhilharmonicClassical Film Themes from Death In Venice, 2001, Elvira Madigan, The Anonymous Venetian S (fp)AMR L 71129
Richard RodgersVictory At Sea NMRQ8-1027
Various/Sounds of 70's Orchestra, Hollywood Pops, Orches., etcFiddler On The Roof & The Great New Love Themes Q8L 6765VG-

Keep On Trackin!
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