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L ong before THX, DTS, AC3, Dolby Digital, SACD Multichannel or DVD audio, there was QUADRAPHONIC! Here's where you can find links to my quad collection if you'd like to do some trading. Also, visit the Quadraphonic Classifieds and view the ads or place an ad yourself. As always, I'm also interested in purchasing or trading rock & pop quad 8-Tracks and quad reels.

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Let's do some trading! None of my quad original tapes are available for sale. At this time I am only interested in trading. Please let me know what tapes you're interested in and what tapes from my "want" list you can provide as trades. Thanks.

Click here to go to the Quad Trade page.

Visit the free Quadraphonic Classifieds, your one-stop shopping source for classic 4-channel surround sound recordings and equipment. This service will provide a centralized location where fans of the quadraphonic format can post want lists, swap recordings and equipment and sell extra quad items. No ads for the sale of cdr's or illegal recordings will be accepted.

Click here to visit the Quadraphonic Classifieds page.

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Quad records, reels, & 8-tracks
Call 516 724-7644 or Fax 516 979-4511

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Quadraphonic: The Surround of the Seventies

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