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OK all you rock and roll trivia buffs, try your luck at the questions below. Only one entry per person, please. Have fun and stay tuned.

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A Mott The Hoople tune is currently the theme song for what current network comedy?
That 70's Show
The Drew Carey Show
South Park
Will and Grace

Which well known rock drummer was the photographer for the cover of the T Rex album, The Slider?
Keith Moon
Charlie Watts
Ringo Starr
Phil Collins

OK, this one's a little gross. Remember the band 10cc? Their name referred to the average measurement of a particular type of bodily fluid during what bodily function? Yuck!
Nose blowing
Daily perspiration
An average urination

Which of the following statements about the Doors album, Full Circle, is not true?
There were no singles from this album that made the top 40
This was the last album that Jim Morrison sang on before his death
Jim Morrison didn't sing on any of the songs
It sucked!

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